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Gymnastics & Fitness Expert


An Elite Gymnast since 1999 and Fitness Pro competitor, Nicky is confident that she can help you develop an everlasting lifestyle change!
Having a great understanding of bio mechanical principles, she pursued her passion for fitness achieving the Silver Medal at her first National Fitness Competition in 2018.

After getting her degree in Sports and Exercise Science from Canterbury Christ Church University in the United Kingdom helped her Personal Trainer career taking her to places like Copenhagen, London and Bucharest.

Working with people of different nationalities and cultures, with unique characters and different needs, Nicky developed a mindset that fits perfectly with the concept promoted by Human and can help you reach your optimum health level and achieve your fitness goals.

Now you are ready to train with someone who is always developing herself!

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We challenge you to start improving your life guided by Nicky's knowledge today!

Professional Strength & Conditioning Coach


Cristi first showed interest in sports in 1992 when he joined a professional weight lifting club having his first competition only a year later, in 1993. 

During the next few years he started training and competing in Judo and kickboxing. Some years later, in 2002, Cristi became a qualified coach.

His dedication and perseverance took him around the world building a career as a Coach, Sports Director and Speaker in the field of Fitness and Nutrition. Between 2003 and 2009 he worked in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, South America, USA, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Bahamas and many more. 

Between 2009 and 2017, his experience and notoriety propelled him into the role of Personal Trainer and Trainers Coach – Master Trainer at the famous sports club Arsenal London, in Highbury. 

In 2017, Cristi returns to Bucharest, Romania and lays the foundation of the first Fitness Clinic in the world – HUMAN Fitness Clinic, launching a new and revolutionary concept in the Fitness market.

He is currently Professional Strength and Conditioning Coach for pro athletes such as Ion Pascu, Dinu Bucalet and Coach Trainer, Master Trainer, Speaker, Personal Trainer and Program Coordinator of the HUMAN Fitness team.

We challenge you to take it to the next level together with Cristi today!

Personal Trainer

Ionuț Popa

Ionuț Popa started on his path to becoming a Professional Personal Trainer since he was 12 by practicing the martial art of Shotokan Karate. Having nurtured his passion and dedication for balance, he is now ready to share his experience with you.

Curious by nature, eager to learn and having a permanent instinct for self improvement, he decided to attend the National University of Physical Education and Sports and majored in Sports and Motor Performance – Martial Arts specialization.

Once he had a deeper understanding about human body development, he looked at things from a different perspective, thinking more complex and broadly about what he wanted and could achieve in the field of sports and health care. Thus, he chose to become a personal trainer promoting movement as part of a healthy lifestyle.

As a Shotokan practitioner, Ionuț holds the Black Belt, 1 Dan. His passion for martial arts brought with it a series of remarkable victories earning him prestigious titles such as World Vice-Champion, European Champion and multiple National Champion titles in official Shotokan Karate competitions. His achievements have also been appreciated by The National Ministry of Youth and Sports who have awarded him the title of Master of Sports.

Let Ionuț guide you on the path to a balanced life today!

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