Top 10 Tips from


Professional Strength & Conditioning Coach


  1. Always follow personalized programs from specialized coaches/trainers.
  2. Always learn the correct technique.
  3. Make sure the training programs are designed for you, for your needs and goals.
  4. Remember to make Sports part of your life, not just a month of working out or so.
  5. Have a general healthy lifestyle!
  6. If you are a professional athlete, make sure your Sport is before anything! Eat, sleep, breathe, think your Sport and everything you do, on a daily basis, takes you a step closer to your goal: Championships, Olympics…
  7. Always have all your elements in your training program: Power, Strength, Hypertrophy, Functional Training, Coordination, Reaction Speed, Endurance, Mobility, Flexibility.
  8. Do not forget about your image, integrity, even marketing!
  9. Help another Sport enthusiast with your experience! Always give something back!
  10. Most important: NEVER EVER STOP! Do not forget: Sport is an investment, not a spending!

Gymnastics & Fitness Expert


  1. Establish goals! Design the BIG goal and then divide it into smaller, more achievable goals.
  2. Learn the correct execution technique! Once you do that, the progression will come naturally.
  3. Allow yourself to fail, but use those failures to learn how to fall forward, how to get yourself back up and even higher and stronger!
  4. Keep on improving, keep on progress!
  5. Consistency is the key! Continuity, perseverance are key words in successful people lives!
  6. Don’t give up what you want most for what you want now! Learn how to organize your priorities!
  7. Cross training is just as important as your sport specific training!
  8. Remember the importance of self evaluation! Evaluate yourself every evening and see if what you have done today got you a step closer to your goal!
  9. Do not be ashamed of having mentors, coaches, trainers, why not, idols! Remember that behind every successful athlete there is a huge team with the same goal in mind!
  10. Enjoy the process! It is not all about the goals, but also about the journey!

Professional Gymnast


  1. “Who am I practicing this sport for?” & “Who am I doing this for?” These are the first questions you have to ask yourself. If the answer is other than me or myself, you have to reconsider your options and choices!
  2. Be patient with yourself! That is something that I didn’t realize, just when I took a step back and looked at myself and my career. I’ve always wanted quick results and couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t get them and I reckon this was an issue that stopped me from continuing prepping and competing at the highest level. So allow your patience to influence you, but in a positive way!
  3. Once you reach the top, it doesn’t mean you will be there forever. So maybe you worked hard to get to the top, or had luck, but be aware that maintaining there is harder than reach it!
  4. You have nothing to lose! That’s the thought I was always had in my mind just before stepping on stage and it’s very helpful, mainly if you’re an emotional person.
  5. Always enjoy the moment, the experience of a competition or event, regardless of the result! Now that I look back, I regret that when I was failing, or I wouldn’t get the result I was expecting/desiring, all I could see and feel was disappointment and nothing else would matter around me.
  6. Listen to your trainer; allow the specialist to coach you so you can prevent injuries from happening! As a professional athlete, you’re most liable to get injured if you’re not prepared by an expert. Be serious about your preparation!
  7. Realistic goals setting! Make sure you set the goals according to the effort you want to invest. Not reaching a goal can get along a lot of frustration and disappointment.
  8. Mind your nutrition! Whenever I was having a “cheat meal”, my body would react: either I would feel heavy during the training sessions, or could see it easily on my body. So no compromises!
  9. Nothing and nobody can replace a specialist coach! That’s my personal opinion, no matter how hard we’d love to train ourselves. Leaving aside the knowledge and the program coordination and management, the moral support offered is IRREPLACEABLE!

Soccer Coach


  1. Learn your Sport! Learn everything about it!
  2. Character
  3. Love the Sport you practice! Be passionate about it!
  4. Mentality! Make sure you have the winning will, ready to sacrifice, to fight for it!
  5. Disciplined lifestyle!
  6. Recovery factors: Rest + Nutrition + Suplimentation
  7. Very good relationship with staff, team, anyone around you
  8. Learn how to be press friendly.
  9. Always push your limits in training and competitions. Work hard for a very good physical condition so you will always be prepared for competitions.
  10. Exit the activity through the front door! Be proud of what you did and left behind you!

Healthy Lifestyle Coach


  1. Drink more water – think of 1l per 20kg of body-weight.
  2. Drink green tea – to detoxify your organism.
  3. Take a cold shower every morning – decreases overall stress level.
  4. Breathe! Take a moment and slow down! At least 10 minutes of daily meditation.
  5. Remember that food impacts your lifestyle and your appearance. Eat your veggies! 
  6. Exercise and move more! To feel better, to look better! Increase the intensity and keep up the good work if you already train on a regularly basis!
  7. Sleep 7-8 hours every night! Best interval 22:00-6:00, but 0:00-7:00 is good too.
  8. Keep a journal! For weight loss for instance, if you’re losing weight 4 days in a row, but the fifth and sixth goes up, you will have noted what you ate, therefore you will know what is working for you and what does not.
  9. Don’t hurry the process! Allow yourself to soak in the information and get used to the changes and new healthy habits, step by step.
  10. Enjoy every day! You need to set goals, but make them motivational. This is a marathon, not a sprint!

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